Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Uncle John Comes to Visit

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about some Afterlife Communications with My Mom. On another occasion, we and my aunt smelled my mom’s perfume once again. Since it was February 14, we thought it was her way of saying Happy Valentine’s Day. But in retrospect, perhaps it was something more she was trying to relate. My uncle John (pictured at left) passed on February 15, 2009. He wasted no time letting everyone know that he was OK.

About a year ago, he had asked his daughter’s husband if he could borrow their extra cane. They looked all over the house but could not find it. Two days after the funeral, my uncle John found it for them. As my cousin’s husband was walking down the hallway the cane literally fell out of a closet right in front of his feet. Now, you have to understand that my Uncle John, being who he was in his earthly life, would have done exactly the same thing if he was able. He knew the cane was there and he was likely frustrated at the fact that they couldn't find it. He likely would have found it himself and tossed it in front of them just to say...What's the matter with you? I found it!

That same night when my aunt (pictured at left) got into bed for the night, she felt that someone was in the bed with her. She knew her daughter was no longer staying with her and she turned over to look. There was Uncle John, laying in bed. He turned to look at her, and then vanished.

Aunt Olga passed only a few months later on April 29...her birthday.

My aunt and uncle have been there for me throughout my life and were some of the most sane and down-to-earth people. They attended church regularly, worked hard throughout their lives and were always there for their family -- very much a working class family just trying to make their way. They are greatly missed. May their spirits rest and be fulfilled.

Submitted by Dr. D.