Thursday, April 7, 2011

Past Life Memories Come Through

Written by Anna Raimondi, Spiritual Counselor

As a Spiritual Counselor, I incorporate my experience as a Grief Counselor, Hypnotherapist and my ability to see spirits on the other side order to help people heal and understand their relationships. Frequently, comprehension of the complexity of our relationships goes beyond talk therapy and even counsel from the spirit world. It often lies in the understanding of relationships from our past lives. Learning about our past lives gives us a unique insight into why we attract certain people and perhaps the reason why we are attracted to certain people or personality types.

It was beautiful spring day when Glory first came to me. As she bounced through the open door to my office, her spirit was light and free. She exuded an air of freshness and love of life. Yet, under this façade, her energy was heavy and her spirit felt drained. Her life on the surface appeared to be one out of a fairy tale; her successes had been monumental and her relationships passionate and fulfilling. Looking below the surface, I could see pain, withdrawal and remorse. I could feel the questioning, the “why me” echoing from her deepest core. She said she had made the appointment for a past life regression out of a sense of wondering. I saw longing. I saw questions unanswered. I saw a pull to the past. I said a silent prayer that her session would somehow bring her to closure; somehow resolve the issues lingering in her heart and mind.

Glory had never experienced hypnotherapy or any type of past life regression or therapy. She was a newbie and did not know what to expect. I explained that sometimes the experience is subtle and the person feels little change while other times, it is earth shattering and the change is wonderfully cataclysmic. In either case, past life regression therapy, can open the heart, mind and spirit to the memories of who we were in days gone by. Days of long ago and far away which live on in our sub-conscious minds. Sometimes these memories arise in the dream state, sometimes in the waking state as a flash or a sense of déjà vu. During a past life regression session, the memories become real and the reliving of them can be exciting and emotional. She expressed her excitement and readiness for this adventure and so we began.

Glory was a good candidate for regression therapy in that she trusted me and followed hypnotic suggestions very well. After bringing her through her current life time back to her mother’s womb, she easily crossed over to the in-between place; the place between heaven and her current life. She was able to describe being in her mother’s womb and her reluctance to reenter this world. I heard the hesitation in her voice as she spoke of her impending birth. Moving through the session, I brought her to two lives which, on the surface, seemed innocuous and insignificant. Our past lives are not always the stuff of movies; jammed packed with adventure, pain, passion. Moreover, they may not have a tremendous impact on this our present realities. Past lives are lessons lived, and some past lives, have greater lessons for our present life than others. It is the way of our soul journey. On a conscious level, we do not possess control. Yet, some of our past lives have huge impact. And so it was with one of Glory’s lives. It was when Glory went to a third life that the session took a turn.

Following suggestion, Glory moved into a life where she was a young woman of about twenty-one in the nineteenth century. She saw herself in a church marrying a gentleman for whom she did not feel love. She also recognized that he did not feel a passion toward her. As she became the memory of this woman standing at the altar, she felt a sense of quiet acceptance. As she looked into her husband’s eyes, she saw hardness and a stoicness that frightened her. This was her wedding day; she should be happy and looking forward to a life of joy. This was not the emotion that she felt at all. Instead there was a sense of dread. As I moved her ahead in that lifetime, she recognized an old friend from her present life occupying the body of her sister in her regression. As in this life, this woman was jealous and envious of her. Instead of protecting her, this “sister” helped to engineer her demise. She saw her husband and her sister condemning her for being different, for not fitting in. They wanted her to ignore who she was, whoever that may have been, and be the “perfect” woman and wife. In her silent rectitude she could not do that. She was who she was. As the session continued, we learned that her husband embarrassed that she was not his dream of perfection, had her committed to an insane asylum. She was twenty-three at the time of her confinement. As she called forth the memories, Glory began to sob uncontrollably. She felt trapped inside the walls of a place she did not belong. She was surrounded by people who needed help, yet she did not. She described being in a white room and knowing that she could not escape. Her body trembled with her tears for a life wasted and the unjustifiable judgment by her husband and her sister. Her soul was not lost yet her life seemed to have no purpose.

Moving Glory to her deathbed in that life time was enlightening. She saw herself as an old woman of eighty-three lying on a cot ready to expel her last breath among hospital personnel. She was alone in the world. When her soul was able to reflect on the lessons of that life time, she conveyed an understanding of mental illness. The years spent locked up in a mental institution, perfectly sane, allowed her to witness and understand the complexity of mental illness. She learned compassion, first hand, from a pure human prospective, for those with mental disease. Her openness allowed her to learn and accept these people at a soul level.

So what did this all mean? How could this help her in her current life?

After bringing Glory back to the present moment, she allowed me a glimpse into the connection between the memory of this past lifetime and her current life. She said that she had always attracted people with serious mental illness. Although she was a mental health professional, those with mental disease flocked to her. Her first boy-friend was clinically depressed and ultimately ended his life and her first husband had an addictive personality, was unstable and an alcoholic. He never did get his life in order. As time went on in her life, she met more and more people that exhibited various forms of mental illness; people who, although they hid their illness from others, expressed it to her. She never understood the reason they felt drawn to her or her attraction to them. Ultimately, she married a man who had a host of mental illnesses. She was instrumental in helping him overcome and get the help he needed to live an enjoyable life. She did not run from him, but, rather, helped him through. When I questioned Glory as to the reason why she thought these people were attracted to her, she easily related the answer from the depths of her soul. She said the attraction was because she did not judge them. Based upon her past life experience, she now understood that she had witnessed mental illness first hand. Her lesson was brought forth into this lifetime to help those who were experiencing these similar illnesses. She helped them to the best of her ability as a friend, a wife and a lover. She was not a therapist, just an everyday healer to these various people.

After the session, she felt a sense of acceptance of her life and the people that she had and will attract. Although the pain of the past life time lingers with her to this day (she cannot listen to the recording of the session), she has a sense of peace. Her relationship with her husband has strengthened as she recognized her place in his life on a soul level. She moves into relationships with others now understanding her role and the need for her compassion. She has also become a cog on the wheel of a group to understand the fundamentals of mental illness and its societal acceptance. She is helping to change the world’s view of mental illness.

Glory’s past life regression helped her to understand her relationships in this lifetime at a level that most never comprehend. As her relationship with those around her flourish; as she becomes instrumental in her husband’s growth; she is able to grow on a soul level. Her journey continues both physically and spirituality. 
She is confident that she is living her soul’s purpose.

The lesson for all of us is to allow our past lifetime memories to come through to put our relationships and feelings from our present lives into perspective. It is important for us to live life with as much knowing as possible to fulfill our soul quest. Live your life with the eyes of the soul wide open.

Anna is one of the premier Spiritual Counselors in the New York tri-state area and has clients all over the world including Europe and the Middle East. She uses her intuitive abilities in her healing practice. As a Reiki Master; Chios Master, Advanced IET practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Meditation Faciliator and Hypnotherapist, she provides healing to the whole person -- mind, body and spirit.