Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Animal Connection

We have passed this story on to many friends, but wanted to share it with a wider audience since it was such a powerful experience for our family. It is about how our animals show us how they can stay connected with us and how much they care, while they are here and after they pass. Some might think we are ready for Bellevue (a hospital in New York City famous for its mental facility) after reading this, but if you were there, you would know how real it was and still is to this day. I will try to do the story justice...

I have had cats all my life. Most recently, we have had a family of four young cats plus our matriarch named Kitty. She had little use for the young ones, but tolerated them so long as they kept their distance. Kitty was the type of cat that told you when she was hungry, when she wanted to eat, when she wanted you to pet her and curled up next to you when she knew you needed her. She was truly a loving kitty and very much a part of the family. She was nearly 17 when she passed 2 years ago.

Several months before she passed, we noticed a rather large lump in her neck. After taking her to the vet, they suggested that it was either a cancerous growth or a hematoma. Because of her age, they were reluctant to operate. We certainly didn't want to put her through anything that would make her quality of life miserable. After some testing it was decided that it was likely a hematoma. After 2 rounds of steroids to help her eat and regain her strength, she stayed with us for a couple of months and then passed quietly.

The morning after her passing, we were having our breakfast and preparing to bury her, when we heard an unusual banging. At first we thought maybe it was from someplace else in the house. Upon the second series of bangs we realized it was coming from outside the kitchen door. Our 5-year old son said, "Kitty is back!" As we opened the door, we saw a cat that we have never seen in the neighborhood, clamouring for our attention by knocking at the door! (No animals had ever come knocking on our door...and none have come since.) All 5 of us petted this needy kitty and she loved every second of it...much like Kitty did. Once we finished, she bounded happily away and took a brief seat on a tree stump in the back yard, looked back at us for a moment and calmly left – never to be seen again.

Did Kitty come to say goodbye? Did she come to say that she was OK? We think so...and we are so glad she did.

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